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EPC and Conveyancing Package

Upfront fee of £149.99 and nothing to pay until your sale completes

We provide a package where we arrange the EPC, forward it to the estate agent and provide you with a solicitor so you're ready when you find a buyer.


Getting the solicitor to prepare the paperwork, prior to gaining a buyer, is a way of speeding up the process when you subsequently "sell". There are no additional costs involved in being prepared.

Generally all solicitors will ask for an "on account" payment to carry out your conveyancing. The figures tend to vary between £100 to £250.00. Hence within our package you're buying the EPC at a competitive price, getting a decent price for the conveyancing and only have to make one initial payment.

Alternatively if you find your own individual DEA you'll "then" need to search for a solicitor when you find a buyer. You'll then need to spend extra monies to the pay the solicitors "on account" fees... It's usually a more expensive process and involves more hassle doing things this way.

As an aside to this if you accept your Estate Agents "preferred solicitor" your conveyancing fees will generally include a hefty commission to the Agent. Their cut can be anything from £75 to £200 + VAT.

We individually itemise our conveyancing figures. Not all solicitors do. If they say a figure of £X "plus" disbursements you should ask exactly what those disbursements are. If the Agent or Solicitor can't nail them down... I'd be a little bit anxious that the figures may spiral upwards.

The "trade off" with using our solicitors is that they maybe in a different part of the country. The whole process get's done electronically, by phone and by post, and you won't meet the solicitor. You don't have too.

We've been working with lawyers for 5, plus, years now and we're here to put things straight if anyone needs a gentle prod to speed things up.

Alternatively to use the Agents solicitor they should, hopefully, be on your doorstep. Hence you can go to see them if you want to. That's the trade off.

In general terms using our lawyers will provide you with a competitive legal fee, allow you to keep your costs under control, and we'll help nudge the solicitor if needed.

Additionally you might want to refer to our testimonials page to review a few of the kind words that have been said about us over the years.

To summarise;

You'll only be asked to pay for the EPC plus an "on account" payment for the Conveyancing of £77.65 + VAT.

Hence the upfront cost, on instruction, to carry out the EPC and get the Conveyancing underway is £149.99.

The rest of the conveyancing fees are only payable when the property Completes. The solicitor sorts this out from the Completion monies (when the buyer pays) so you don't have to pay out any additional monies.

The Conveyancing is carried out on a "no completion - no fee basis". If the sale falls through your monies will be held on account until another buyer is found.

If you eventually decide not to sell your property the initial £77.65 + VAT will, unfortunately, be retained by the firm.

We don't play silly games hiding figures or arranging them in ways meant to confuse.

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