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We've been trading for 5 years helping our conveyancing clients find reliable solicitors who stick to the prices you'll see on our quotes pages. We establish the pricing and we make sure the conveyancing fees are legitimate and presented in a way that's as easy to follow as possible.

Not all Solicitors are specialists in this field and we only deal with conveyancing solicitors who are of a reasonable size, number of staff and have been trading for a certain length of time. We don't work with "new start" firms or those that have less than 2 partners.

As the current Tory government has been forced to maintain EPCs as part of european legislation we offer EPCs as part of the process of putting your property on the market. We provide the EPC, via our nationwide network of DEA's, to estate agents and the general public. To find out more view here.

Cheap Conveyancing?
We don't necessarily like to think of ourselves as providing "cheap conveyancing" but essentially speaking that's what we specialise in. The Conveyancing firms that we deal with charge their "local" clients a higher amount and charge certain extra's that we don't allow them to. We set the solicitors fees and we help our clients in the event the solicitor is dragging their feet. To find out more view here.

Why Conveyancing Brokers?

  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Completion - No Fee
  • Fixed Legal Fees
  • Direct Contact With Your Lawyer
  • Match Any Like-For-Like Quotes
  • Established and Reliable
  • Fast, Friendly and Efficient

Thanks for the quick and very efficient service - would definitely recommend you!
Mel S

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